Thursday, February 26, 2009

I laughed so hard at this

I belong to a bullitan board for women giving birth in may. ant this thread cracked me up

I laughed and laughed, and as I had my hand over my belly button it was funnier cause as I would laugh it would poke out more and wiggle against my palm.

I know I do not get out enough!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sucky Saturday, or the intenet woes part 2 + plus car.

I have had worse Saturdays, but this one.. has had it moments of complete disaster. First, I was SUPPOSE to have a tech come out and make it so that my internet stops inciting me into a homicidal rage. No tech. i called and they said, your tech was canceled and I shouted WHAT! I waited all week for this tech to come. I have had crappy connection for TWO weeks now. yes i am aware there had been an outage in my area, but all night last night I had internet going in and out and in and out. I was livid. Not only because now I wont get a tech till TUESDAY but cause I waited all day long, ok only till 1 PM, but still I usually go over to my sis' house at like 11 or noon and we do car care. Someone should have called me. Told me they were going to cancel my service call. ASK me if I need it. yeah, this makes me feel like I have qwest service again. I HATED qwest service. I cannot believe this crap.

Moving on.

went over to my sisters house and brought her a spark plug sinc she was chaning hers and had broken one in the process. Then we went to test her car out, and so I parked my car on the street. I don't like to, its dangerous someone could scratch my new car... I thought about pulling into her SO's spot instead, but I didn't.

BAD choice.

My car.... my poor poor car.

neighbors unlicensed (he has a permit) son backed into the car. big HUGE freaking dent. My sis and I returned and her SO was out talking to the lady and he motioned for us to stop, and I saw the damage to the car.

I am already having tummy issues! I didn't need my car to have a big dent in it.

So I get out and my sis goes and parks her car and the lady says, she looks angry.
She was.
At least they lady and the kid were honest enough to admit they backed into the car and not to just hit it and go, you know? and so we got his info and her info and the owner of the cars info and the insurance info and called my insurance and let them know and I got a claim number and meanwhile I am feeling even more like my tummy hates me. Gave the Lady my info and my car info and my insurance info. Went inside and had some food and fought throwing up and won (hooray!) then watched some weird freaking movies... and had some stomach unhappyness, tighness in the muscles, maybe some braxton hicks I dunno really, laid on the floor so I wouldn't throw up (though I did a little acid refluxness into the throat...yuck) finished the movie and now I am home.

Oh yea we made some yummy cookies too.
At least I was not in the car and so didn't have to get monitored.

my perfect shiny car has a big yucky on it :( poor thing. I will get it fixed and it will look like it never happened. until then, I will be sad everytime I look at it.

I feel tight and uncomfortable in my belly area. comes and goes. at least these are not painful like the other braxton hicks like things I have had. Maybe I will have a bath and some mint tea and a cookie and read the rest of my book.

and my poor sis, her elbow and shoulder hurt her so. I wish I could make her not hurt.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy news

Two fronts of happy news!

So for those of you who read it and say the response I got from umatter2charter and them my suspicions, today when I called into charter they did verify that Eric works for their internet tech support. So its a real thing and not a scam. So if your charter internet is less then happy, and your not finding it resolved, you can send a buzz of to them and they can help you out.

although if your internet is down, you can't do that until it comes up... hmm. still, its a cool thing that they care enough about how their customers feel to check the blogs. pretty smart in this bloggy world.

On the second front, despite my sucky morning and sacrifice of more oatmeal into the throne of the porcelain god of the swirling waters, I had a decent morning. yes I felt like crap and didn't want to be there, but it meant I received a bouncy chair and a portable swing from a lady who decided it was too spendy to ship them. She was just going to take them to salvation army if it was too spendy, but seeing me pregnant she offered them to me. Bonus!

oh and on a third front, i had more miso soup and teriyaki salmon, and none of it was given up in offerings to the porcelain god. Yes I am LDS, but I beleive in multiple gods.. I mean seriously, why would God tell us to put no other gods before him if there are none? and do we not believe as man is God once was as God is man may become? so how can you say that being LDS I can't believe, and even perhaps acknowledge their works, other gods, when God, who I worship above any others, says they exist?

ooooo I just entered serious theological grounds. I better back off before my brain explodes and leaves behind a black hole.

I have a king size kit kat. and its mine. all mine. no touchy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

must kill charter internet

I had a tech come out this morning to fix my internet woes. got a new modem out of it, and yet... I dropped out agggaaaaaiiiiiiin.

my cable was out long enough for me to make a gif about how I feel about this:

yes I do have too much freaking free time. but at least I am getting the house cleaner... not every day do I manage this but I am managing it enough days that I can see a difference.... don't make me cry about my poor messy house my hormones are bad enough as it is thank you!

this morning I rejected my oatmeal. then I went and had lunch with my sis and we ran into someone she knows and he paid for our lunch how cool is that!! I had miso soup and teriyaki salmon. I then dipped the lemon slices in the teriayki sauce and ate them, that was very yummy and made my tummy very happy. Thanks for lunch H!

I was out of water so when my sis's sig O came over I asked him to put a new jug on for me and he was nice and did so :D

I also got some coconut oil to use on my body and to use for massaging my perineal... yeah gross when i think about doing that but better then ripping or having to have an episiotomy!

I hope you like the gif. feel free to use it if you wanna. its crap but I did it myself!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

picture day, Plus Fail?

Flowers from my hubby :D he is a sweetie.Evil photo snatchers.....

I took this off my season one DVD of the x-files. yes I have x-files on DVD. no I do not have them all. I have season 1,2,3, and six. deal with it!!!

now I am not sure if this will let me put the next image where I want it... but this is how, pre hubby, I had my hair, nice and short:

now of course its longer, and somedays it drives me bonkers. but her likes it so I keep it long. I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of long hair and labor and a newborn... but I will burn that bridge when I get to it.

On a separate note. Failure.... what does it mean to really fail? you know, if we always succeeded we would never learn and what good would that do? I think the only true way to fail is to have something not work out and not to learn. so when we "fail" as long as we learn from it and grow and develop more, we still succeed. its good to "fail" we need to "fail" or all we would be is jello. and really, I am sorry, but I don't wanna be cow hooves. yes you heard me Cow hooves. what did you think jello was made from hmmm??? you sick people! :P

And before I forget....

Happy valentines day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

warms the cockles of my heart.

Mows. hehehe today the comic combined two things I love. well one I really love and one I was like, hooked on and have weened myself off of.

funny isn't it!!!!

and sure, I get home and my internet is working. I start to blogg and I drop off. I really am going to have to murder my internet provider. With a giant trout.

I was shocked that one of my friends didn't know who Mulder and Scully Pictured here: are (Mulder is the guy). I mean, I know not everyone is an x-files fan, but the show was popular and is kind of, iconic. I'll get over it. Actually I laughed pretty good about the whole thing, but wow. :D See now I am just rubbing it in. I'm mean like that. Thats how *I* roll! oooh my modem is teasing me! Ah ha! I have internet again! weeee! I think my modem likes to be on its side... when it is laying flat, no worky, but on its side and worky... its my newest theory.

Some friends from the theater stopped by the store and gave me some baby goodies, a baby tub and a couple pacifiers and baby bath essentials and a thingy for washing the bottles and nipples in the dishwasher. very nice of them :D

and just for grins and giggles:

not that any of my fellow D&D addicts seem to be keeping up with our online play by post... but ah well.

My Hubby is a good hubby. He sent me Flowers and chocolates and a bear and a balloon for valentines and I got a call from him today My hubby is a sweety. I wish we could be together :( At least I got to talk to him. I really need to send his box out!!!! I am a bad wifey. I blame the belly for my lack of getting it done ness. but that is an excuse.. a good one, but still! I will move my buns and get the box out monday I promise!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So my head smack gif didn't turn out the way I wanted to so here is my updated better version.

and yes I did it myself can't you tell!!!

such lovly drawing I know :P

..if I only had a brain...

So Friday was the last day I know I had my phone. it woke me up for work and then I have no strong recollection of where I put the blasted thing. yeah I mean like completely no longer any memory of what I did after I got off work other then I took a bath and ate two more doughnuts. mmmm. they were good, I remember that too. I think i had more Gyouza. Maybe i ate those on Sunday actually. yeah that was Sunday, so I dunno what I had for dinner Friday. It doesn't matter anyway.

So Monday I cleaned and re-organized the living room in the hope that my missing phone would show up. No Joy!

Today I went up to the store to search and no luck either eeerg. This was after I looked through the bathroom bedroom and living room, turning the recliner upside down just in case. yeah yeah I know six months along I should not be lifting anything heavy but I more pushed it over then any lifting.... I hurt myself more re-arranging the books Monday. Went to Safeway to see if I had lost it there. I even called the Theater despite being SURE I had it on Friday and knowing I had not been there since Wednesday evening. no joy. My sis gave me her deactivated phone so I can activate that tomorrow if I didn't find my phone.... cause you know, being preggy and not having a phone, sooo not OK. and with how my internet behaved today-- yes it works oh no it doesn't, oh wait maybe ooo loaded on page then died... I can't really rely on the internet to be able to message my sis to say HELP! (I am also kind of an internet junky so not having reliable internet made me a bit crazy today)

I took a nice long bath with some Epsom salts that have spearmint and Eucalyptus oil in them. ahhh my stupid sciatica feels better. got out and looked through the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen and the living room again. grrr. Sat down to see if I could get online and wee its working hooray! and as I was sitting here my eye feel on the box that the necklace Rob's mom gave me came in. I was like, i played with the phone and that box... but when was that... hmm... I opened the top of the box and there it was, sitting on top of the necklace case.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Rocker Belly

This morning at about 5:30 AM Little Amelia woke me up rocking out to a heavy metal concert only she could here. Crazy movement, all over the belly, kicks at my cervix and pushes and pops up along the top and sides and back. I felt her moving for a few minutes and then she settled down. By then my thirst was too much so I hopped out of bed and get my water bottle and took a drink and took the bottle back to bed with me. Settled back in and was treated to an encore performance. I guess Amelia likes mornings!
Made it to work a little late, not too bad, but still late. Had two bowls of trix. I am guessing the second bowl was a bad idea... my sis had come up to the store to meet with the radio sales guy, and after he left, the mail lady came, and I stood up to go start sorting the mail, and instead felt the need to go visit the toilet. Lost my trix. Blech. Went next door and bought some ginger ale
Then had some raspberry leaf tea, and a pretzel. mmm I love soft pretzels. salty goodness. Some one came buy fund raising with krispy kremes, so I bought a box. Bad me! Ate four of the things. Then my sis and I split a turkey sandwhich yum!
Then I decided to see if I still fail for gaining my pound this week. Yesterday I was at 118 and a bit. today, 120 and a bit hooray! of course my sis says its all the food and as soon as I poop I will go back down. Spoil sport!I am going to bask in the warm happy glow of beleiving I over-acheived and gained 2 pounds this week when I only had to gain one and be happy! Lets see if I can do that next week to and make my Dr. happy. er.
Yes, I am a nutter. send me heavy thoughts for wieght gain.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

because it was there...

Birthing Class

Tuesdays in February from 6-8:30 weee. Yesterday was our first class and I thought it started at 6:30. good thing my sis called me 10 min before 6 to ask how we were going to do the car thing, meet there or what, I told her I could pick her up and she said well better hurry then! we were late but not the latest. it was fairly decent. Hopefully it will help me be more prepared and less all, eeeep! about the whole thing. yeah right. but I can hope right? missed my Tuesday shows though, sad face! good thing house and Fringe are available online.

After class I took my sis home and she came out to let me know one of their friends was over with clothes and stuff for me. So I went in to say Hi and Thanks. Some really nice clothes and some blankets and itty bitty socks!!! I can still use more little clothes though... And with the not working at the theater i am a little freaked about being able to get he diapers I want, but the good news is I may be picking up some hours at the Chiropractic office, which is less physical and pays better! So hopefully that will happen. and DFAS will not be a booger and will actually send the extra money Rob told them to. I will know for sure next month, and will either relax or FREAK out. so keep your fingers crossed K?

It is absolutly gorgeous here today. 60 ish, so my tootsies are not cold in my flip flops. Which I am wearing cause my shoes with laces are a pain, its not so easy to tie them anymore and they like to come untied. I can handle squishing my belly ever so often but its not fun to bend over and tie my shoes, so flip flops are my friends! Thinking about giving in and buying some cheapo slip on keds from payless. Might be worth it and help my tootsies stay warmer and be more work appropriate....

I have the music up so it will motivate me to clean and organize. Yeah, seeing as how I am sending out a blog, its soooo working Wonder if doing the emote will work that way? hmm, we shall se mwahahahaha.

So to answer a question, yes Hiro is still as cute as in Season 1. I didn't really watch season 2 so this season, 3? There are some things people that I am like huh? but I didn't like season 2, so there you go. Kind of like so far I like this season fo Medium but last season lost me.

just yelled at the small slightly hairless kitty cat for eating crumbs. I really need to get my butt in gear and clean.

I saw a nice sign today. It said, Make yourself at home; Clean my house! I soooo want that.

Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm sitting in my living room, with my belly exposed, pumpernickel snuggling all cute on my well, not lap, upper thighs, and I am watching the bump popping. I keep hoping Amelia will bop the kitty on the head, but so far she has only brushed me where her head lays not a true whack. I did think it was funny when she pushed at the kitty head.

I expect that as she grows the popping will get bigger and I can catch it on camera.

Watching heros. I dunno, this season so far seems pretty good, and I don't want to put out a spoiler or anything. Just find that peter's brother being the bad guy makes me sad. Plus Sylar still creeps me out. I just don't see how he can pull off being spock, he's like, creepy!

I enjoyed Chuck, but my reception was too sucky, is to sucky for me to try the 3D glasses. plus the whole two color 3D never really works that great for me. I can always see the colors on the screen, and the 3D only seems to work about 50% of the time. Only 3D that I was ever impressed with was the Disney 3D I saw when we went to see nightmare before christmas. now THAT was 3D.

my poor cats are so starved for attention.

I wish Rob were here. Maybe then he would understand more how I feel, if he were here more then a week at a time I mean, hard to understand how this pregnancy has been without being here for it. Plus I'm lonely. I want my hubby.

thump thump thump. Amelia really likes to move while I watch T.V.

going to check out this season of medium. last season kind of sucked.

wonder if Amelia will move to this show.

hehe pumpernickel is complaining that I am typing instead of petting. Brat cat. I have the munchies... What to eat??? hmmm.