Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have not updated in i don't know how many days. I am such a slacker I know. 

Amelia is getting big she is about 27 inches and a little over 19 pounds. She is learning her signs so that she can let us know what she wants instead of just screaming and pointing. she knows toilet and all done and more and cookie milk, cracker, and she recognizes ball and home. she says a bunch of stuff with her mouth closed, cookie and cracker and bnnn which is her way of saying banana. She is super cute and smart, I posted a video of her saying all done, not just signing it but the words all done, and its clearly all done, not like her dash which is daaahhh or dada for dad or mah mah for mom but a clear all done. she did it without any real promting the fvirst time and then I got the camera out and chased her around to get her to say it again, and got it on camera on the fourth effort.

we are planning on doing a plants vs zombies theme for halloween, Amelia is going to be a sunflower to power us girls who are going as plants against the boys who are being zombies. too much fun.

Her aunt and uncle got her a slide and she loves that thing, it is currently up at the store and so now even more then beffore she is ready to go to work and see her Aunt and play. When she is tired and ready to go home she signs all done and waves bye and then goes and tugs on the stroller to let me know she would really like to go home now.

She has gotten really good about taking her naps and going to bed though we had a nap strike a week or so ago where she just refused to nap and she was so grumpy and tired I hated it so I put my foot down and now she has a nap every day and she is god about it, she cries a little bit just as I leave the room but not for more then a minute or two. and at night she sometimes tells me all done and I put her in the crib and shut the door and she is good until  morning. She still lets us sleep in till usually 10, though sometimes she is an early bird and gets up at 8. though she has not done that for a while knock on keyboard.

The other day we had a bit o an accident with the tub and my coat got soaking wet, and without thinking about it I tossed it into the washing machine so it could get clean and dry. Well the 2 gig memory stick for my camera was in its case in the pocket... which luckily did not make it into the dryer. I have not yet checked to see if the video and pics on it survived.....but at least it wont have any virus' on it right? and before any of you say that you can't kill computer virus' with laundry soap, I know that, you have to use bleach.

I have been really good about doing my wii fit. though I have to believe that the wii has a programmed in function to either have you over or below weight or older then you are in it so you wont be content with your body tests and you will use it. its just a theory mind, but it always tells me I am underwight and usually tells me I am youger then I am, though today I was within my goal and I was older then i am so, you know, there you go. I think Rob doesn't like to use it cause it almost always says he is older then her is and overweight. I have been enjoying using it to keep track of how long I am cleaning. I do the free run and put it in my pocket and then clean the house. yesterday I "ran" for 4 ish miles and the day before almost 4 while picking up the living room and kitchen and sweeping the floor. I like doing the wii with games, eing up and moving is better when your wasting time playing something then sitting her at the ole machine you know?

I saw the release about the new apple today, watched it with margaret on her mac since you couldnt watch it on a PC. it looks really cool, the only thing I can see that would have mad it neater since the concept of the air mac was to mash a iPad and a notebook together would have been to keep the touch screen on it since some things like plants vs zombies are super fun with a touch screen. any way that is my 2 cents. not like I can buy one anyway if I had a thousend bucks I would pay all my bills :P and then I would still be oweing about 400 dollars to varies people....

money sucks. well, when you dont have any lol. We are making it though... and will be able to pay the mortgage as soon as the VA pays rob for going to school.