Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hubby lunch

I imagined myself, now a stay at home mom and wife, making cute lunches for my husband and child. Reality is far from that. I made lunch for my kid. Which she ignored in favor of school lunch. So I don't make her lunch anymore, why bother when it doesn't get eaten? My poor hubs, without the additional enticement of feeding the kid, my enthusiasm for making bento lunches for him is inversely proportional to how cold I am. I still think of neat lunches for him, but after putting the kid to bed, watching some shows or playing online, I go down to figure out his lunch and go aha! This will work. 

Tomorrow he is getting left over ravioli and pizza. 

At least it is food he likes and I did remember to pack it for him. Maybe tomorrow once I finish the laundry I will make something more creative for Thursday. There are still two slices of pizza though...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow week

First off, I was prepared for a four day weekend. Kid had Friday and Monday off for Presidents' Day and a staff day. Then it snowed. Okay Tuesday off because plows were working at clearing the road and many were nasty. Then Wednesday off, ice and still some roads closed. Ditto Thursday. Now tomorrow is also a snow day. Part of it might be why make the kids come to school for one day. I agree with that. Plus, if the outlying areas are still unplowed or iced I would not want kids in busses on them. 

Luckily mom in law made it home from jersey. There are worse fates than being stuck in jersey, she could have been stuck in Utah. 

I don't think I would have liked several days snowed in Utah unable to travel yikes. Sorry Utah family, I know you like it there but personally I'do rather just about any other state.

I could get stuck inoregon, they have been have 60 degree weather. With our overnight low looking to be near or in the negatives, 60 sounds like tropical paradise. My house is running at about 65, but that feels really really cold. 

And I am in layers.

Back to the kid.

She is all happy that she gets to stay home, again. She likes it. What is not to like, you sleep in (I like that too) you get to eat breakfast with mom, which she finished today wonder of wonders, then you play and possible do some of the worksheets mom printed out. Yesterday I was mean and made her do like ten worksheets. My neighbor friend said that snow days are suppose to be fun days. I liked the worksheets. While she did her homework, I did mine. And by homework I mean of course housework. I have much organizing to do around here! 

Tomorrow mom in law is going to take the kid swimming. Maybe I can stay home and re-organize the corner I stole the coffee table now kid desk from. I need another cubby storage shelf thingy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bento lunch

Played some d3 and then when we got done, we being online friends as hubs had already gone to bed, went down to make hubs his lunch. Luckily I had checked earlier and found the bread had decided it wanted to be green, so I had rice cooking while I played. Cleaned the wok, got the oil going and mixed up five eggs, mirin, soy sauce, rice vinegar up, poured that into the now warm oil and fried up the eggs. I love frying eggs in the wok. Happy shhh sounds. Fills me with joy. Fried up some spam, turkey flavored this time. Don't judge, it's cheap, but yummmmmm. Separated half my rice so kiddo can have her plain rice, silly child does not know what she is missing out on by not eating my egg and ham rice! Then dumped the rice in and fried that up. Once it was looking all nice and golden brown I added soy sauce. Now, who hubs bought the soy sauce this time he did not buy it in the glass jar like I had gotten used to using, but I a plastic jug which I had no prior experience using to season with. So. Extra sauce. Stole some of the kids white rice to make it less soy saucey. She will live I saved too much for her anyway. Mixed it all up, though I can still see some lighter rice. Added in some mirin fishey sauce, and rice vinegar. Poured in the eggs and ham I had set aside from earlier. Chopped up the egg. Mixed it in. It looks great. Three containers later hubs has the choice of portion size, small, med, large. The small is not that much less than the medium, but the large is almost twice the medium. Oh well.

I might watch something I am now to wound up to sleep.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow day

We started off with a four day weekend, Friday was off was was Monday. Then Monday night the snow fell, and so school was closed today. Tomorrow school is also closed, but little to my kids knowledge, mom has been happily browsing education.com's various workbooks and work sheets and planing a curriculum to keep her off the computer and working on homework instead. Her hand writing is terrible, so I am mostly focused on ones that have writing involved. I also got some fun things to do like coloring and games and a maze. 

When the man gave kiddo his old computer I also had him haul up the coffe table we were using as a bench/ paperwork storage area upstairs to be her desk. So she has his computer to goof off on, though as yet she has not been able to get it started by herself. I am going to get some of the learning games from education.com on there so that she can play them as part of her homework. 

I have lots to do myself that I have been procrastinating, so my goal is to be productive tomorrow; re-organize the mess from the moving of the coffee table and keeping kiddo involved in homework. She will learn, the house will look better, and by the time hubs gets home she will be more than willing to do anything but homework 😁 sometimes I really do feel mean. My plan will be good for both of us.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Atlantis world review

The third and final book in the Atlantis gene series pulls all the threads together and wraps it up nicely. While there could be room for a follow up book, how does humanity adjust after so many changes, the ended does leave you with a good conclusion. No plot holes, nothing left hanging. 

I found the authors writing style to be very clean, both in language and in execution. Even though the books contain violence, it was not gorey in detail. 

I would read these again, and look forward to finding more from this author to read.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Distracted by Diablo 3

I was planning to finish reading Atlantis World today but last night got sucked completely into Diablo 3. Got help from a clan mate in the gaming mommies to get my witch doctor to 70 and 27 levels of paragon. Now I have been running around doing rift levels, which, for those who do not know, are like special bonus levels that grant special items. Hard to do sometimes depending on how hard you set it. The rewards are good though.

I will get back to my book though, I do want to finish it soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Atlantis plague

Finished reading "The Atlantis Gene" second in the series. Enjoyed it. The premise in this series starts out very similar to the Andy McDermot series, with an Atlantis gene being the stimulus to stopping a world wide epidemic. The two are quite differs in the cause of the disease and the reasons for its creation and dispersal. I won't go into specifics because both series we quite enjoyable and I encourage you to read them. 

There is adventure, some romance, plenty of intrege and a rush to save humanity. All in all an enjoyable read.

I have now started reading the third and final book in the series and will update when finished.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Re- vamping my blog

No one reads this, and that is okay. Last night as I settled into bed I realized that writing, in whatever form I do, really is just for me. If it helps someone else than great but really the point of writing is to get it out. To write here is, let out my fears and worries and hopes and dreams. If someone comes across this and it can help them than so much the better.

I read once from and author explaining the process of writing a book, that you need to write, every day even if it is not on your book, just getting the thoughts flowing can help you write your story. Write every day, and keep reading too.

Right now I am reading 'the Atlantis virus' second book following after the Atlantis gene. I am enjoying it on this winter day. Staying warm and reading while my aches yell at me that I really shouldn't be up and about. My knee in particular much prefers me staying in the warm bed. Amelia was jealous that I got to stay home; she loves staying home with me she asserted. Still, she must go to school so off she went even though the bus was late and flakes of snow were falling and melting, and home I went to burrow under blankets and read.

I do not blame her for her wish to stay home. It is cold out there, and being warm and cozy is much preferable. We're she to stay home however she would miss out on socialization and learning, and she is progressing so well at school. 

I have lost my phone. I heard it's alarms going off this morning but could not locate it. Hopefully no one will need me until the man comes home and he and I will find it.

I am going back to my book now. Tootles.