Friday, April 10, 2009

The truth revealed!!

So I was chatting with an friend, and we were talking about what the thing inside my belly really is... and it was so revealed to me that she is not a frog army, or an alien, or an octopus, she is a cabbit!!

for you unfortunate souls that do not know what that is, here is a youtube clip. now go rent Tenchi!!

it shoudl say kitty rabbit instead of hamster...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Belly bump

Here you go, the latest belly pics. hey I am even smiling in them wow!

For me, thats a huge freakin bump. when I lay down at night it expands up into my chest cavity so that its like, I don't know,a mini hill just bellow my breasts. of course thats only when laying on my sides, it all kind of slumps in when I lay on my back, I mean the bump is still a bump but it seems to flatten out a bit. Can't stay long on the back of course or I get really uncomfy. and now my right side.. its my preferred sleep side and its soooo sooooorrrrrreee. I tried to not sleep on it and suffered. last night was a bad night for sleep and it left me tired all day. hopefully I will sleep better tonight though its a full moon so who knows really!

and the alien/horde of frogs/octopus/fetus/creature of the deep keeps moving around and complaining that there is a lack of space. yeah I hear you honey child but trust me, I feel squashed enough with out you trying to dislocate my Ribs or drill a hole out the cervix.

I am sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I am SOO not ready to have a baby.

at least I have a crib.

I need, no NEED no NEED to get the house clean. and get the cat door out of my window and get a door for the slider. and some liners for the diapers. I wouldn't be upset to have somemore clothes and sheets.... crib sheets and baby clothes that is.

I am in big trouble.

maybe when I wake up the cleaning fairy will have come and my house will be all shiny and maybe even (gasp) child proofed... and the stuff on the back porch will be GONE.

yeah I know, and I didn't even have any drugs to have that wild fancy trip on either. just a lack of a good nights sleep. I wonder if I will remember what one of those is before I turn 48...

yes, I am crazy.