Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I got made a baroness!!

yeah ok so its onl in a game but it still makes me happy. I am a complete screw ball!! tomorrow i am so going to scan so much stuff!!! :D  reasons i have been enjoying this game
  1. updates in real time
  2. freinds play it too
  3. it really makes a huge difference what you spend you mney on, just builing hue #'s of troops doesn't ensure victory
  4. its fun!!!

well thats all for now :D

Monday, June 27, 2005

trying out this new email and post ability

it appears that I should be able to put posts on my blogs using my
email which would totally rock my socks if its true. I wonder if html
woks this way? lets test this theory out and see if it does work ne?
(ok if you don't read my diaryland entries you might not get that so
go <a href="">here</a> so I should now be out
from the protected status on dominion if you want to play go here <a
well maybe this will be a good enough of a test here it goes

oh isn't this fun???
I scaned this in on the machine at work
and then uploaded them on to this blog
so that you could all see and enjoy them.

happiness isnt it?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

property Seizure

I had no Idea truely, that it was something happening all around. I don't imagine that you could be forced out of your home buy a business or a road. its so wrong!!! how did our system get so corrupt? how can it be??? don't we have any rights any more? did we ever really have any? I think I am dissillusioned. I want the dream our forefathres had, even if it never really exhisted, I want it. government that listens to the people, that serves us. all of us, the very poor and the very rich and the in betweens.

wouldn't it be awesome if there was no poor, if there was no rich, if every one truely was equal?

Its a dream, and we have to try very hard to reach it, because without our effort, we will have nothing.