Friday, October 12, 2007


it occurred to me today, how much we are willing to go to when we feel bad in order to feel 'good'. Such extremes, I mean, to find out whats wrong we go without food, ingest foul tasting substances, allow ourselves to be poked and prodeded and in some cases we let them put radioactive substance into our bodies, one of these tests had me sign a waiver just incause what they used to make it so the machine could see my insides better had a negative reaction.

Then of course the irritation of, we don't know yet why exactly you not feeling well, we'll lump you in a group of people who have somewhat simaliar problems and treat you that way, only it doesn't really help.

or the, you have to travel five hours to go see a doctor so we can determine if your problem has gotten worse or not, never mind that an hour in the car is torture. and yet, because I hurt enough to want to get the hoped for treatment, I consider it.

and I think to myself, maybe life is too short to have bad health-care.