Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Got my Ring back 01-15-208

I called the place we went to get the ring resized and appareanlty they had left a message on the twelfth that it was ready but they must have called my work not my cell cause i didn't get the message :( but i got my ring back to day and that makes me happy.

Saphi is sitting on the couch next to me, its nice having my Brat Cat back. I mean I thought I was OK with her being gone, but I was so happy when she came home to me. poor kitty. She still hates mickey and tolerates Pumpernickel.

Kind of drowsy so I am going to sign off for now :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Conact and plans


Got an Email from my sweetie. He feels about the same way I do about getting Married in the Temple. Which is a very good thing, and one less part of this for me to worry about. Now i just have to find out how long it will be before I can go back to the Temple. Hopefully not to long, I haven't done anything bad, I just stopped going to church and paying my tithing.

So, here is hoping that the waiting period isn't too long, though, I can wait, I mean I have waited all this time to find him, I can wait a while longer to actually marry him, and meanwhile I have a ton of planning to do!


It amazes me that its been  2 months and I still have yet to hear back from th V.A. I honestly wonder why I bother trying to get any care from them, but then I remember I can't afford health care at all, so I have to put up with it if i want to get any treatment at all.

It's not as if I can really do what my doctor told me to do to take care of my hip pain... Lay down... since I do have to work so you know, I can buy groceries and pay bills and such. I can remember his advice of "be grateful that your skinny" particularly when my IBS makes it so evidently clear why I  am so very lucky to be skinny.

Ah Joy.

Engaged! And not freaking out...

January 1st 2008 My Sweetie asked me to Marry him. And I am totally stoked!

The hard part is, planning, He is a Marine so his schedule is, tight and unknown, and I work at my families business so, I don't really get vacation days. His phone got left in my car, so I can't call him. Hopefully he will get internet and a mail box next week so i can actually contact him and mail him his phone.

To add to my "Non"-freaking outness, His family are not LDS, so we need to plan this in a way that includes both halves. He really wants to get married where his mom can see him get married, but to me if I don;t marry him in the Temple, we wont really be married. Legally we would but Spiritually and in my heart... we wouldn't be. Plus I have always planned on getting married inside the Temple.

So I need to be able to have a good long planning and talking and discussing of what we can do, and I have tried really I have to be ok with the getting married outside the Temple then waiting and getting sealed inside later, It just doesn't feel right I am not comfortable with it.

It would be faster and we could be Legally married sooner if I am able to reconcile getting married outside the Temple first.

what i really need to do, is talk to my Bishop. Problem with that is, I have been inactive, because, While i still deeply believe in the Gospel and follow the teaching of the scriptures, I don't feel like I belong in my ward. I was really hurt in my last ward when they rearranged the boundaries and the Bishop of that ward told me I didn't belong in that ward and that I should be going to a different ward; not only did all my friends in that ward get moved to a completely different stake, but then I was separated from the other people I knew in that ward. All of the support I had built up and relied on was pulled out from under me so yes, I fell a bit. The ward I am in now, I haven't really gone to in nearly two years now.

What it comes down to I guess is, that even if we decide tomorrow that we want a Temple marriage first, we still have to wait a year. Then again, it might take us that long to get everything figured out and planned anyway...

Still excied and happy and i am looking a dresses and thinking of what we can do, and what we need to do...

and trying very hard to not let that I can't answer questions about when the date is or what our colors are or where we are registered bother me. Its new  and I want to linger in the happy of it first :P