Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My life, My people, My blog

My life, My people, My blog this is a good funny blog... poetry is good even if its a bit... crass :D good reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I had a birthday pary this last weekend, where everyone was suppose to come as thier favorite anime charector or in oreital fashion, this is me as Sango, a charector in Inuyasha Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

MSH isat it again! here is a pic of it beginning! Posted by Hello

Friday, March 04, 2005

She sleeps Posted by Hello

Kagome.... Posted by Hello

Fireflies! Posted by Hello

My ear itches...but I am not a dog Posted by Hello


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She peeks from the cat porch... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just another update

so, I am re-useing geocities, but their free ersion so its www.geocities.xcedra.com

yeah I know, not a link. deal with it. I am so loving the ability to add pics to the web without restraints! hope you all dont mind being flooded by me ness, I have diary at diaryland.... wwww.xcedra.diaryland.com this logger and the website! wow! and Bebo! give you options on keeping in touch with me eh?

A picture of my and two of my fruitloopy freinds taken by another of my fuit loopy freinds! Posted by Hello


So hard to figure out how to add a blog to this thing, easy to add photos those. I hope you like todays batch!

you mean... THATs a D.O.G.??? sleeping in my house, on my blanket.... well, ok then. Posted by Hello

I see a kitty, and the kitty sees me, I see a boy cat, and the boy cat sees me, I see a saphi-cat, and the saphi cat sees me, but I cant watch them all at once!!! Posted by Hello

she was acutie pie! Posted by Hello

he sits and watches Posted by Hello

I just want to touch.... oh please let me touch, and the bird says get away..... Posted by Hello

She sleeps, on my massage pad... at least its not on! lol Posted by Hello

"hi mom" never trust such a cute face.... she likes to dart under the blanket and attack from beneath... hmm reminds me of a buffy quote, from beneath you it devoures. evil cat! but sooooo cute! Posted by Hello

Its not that easy to do a self portrait. but this is me...  Posted by Hello

Here you can see suxie on my legs, pumpernickel (who is attacking mickey) on my lao and mickey, who just wants a spot to cuddle Posted by Hello

"I want to play with the dogs, but I dont want them to touch me..." she studies the dogs intently.... Posted by Hello

Mickey looks back at the dogs before he decides to jump back into the kitchen Posted by Hello

she loves this toy, its kind of insane how much she will play with it. Posted by Hello

Cassey has been attracting allot of attention, can you find all three cats? here is a hint, pumpernickle is directly under the bird! don't worry, I made sure the cats left her alon, and never left them un attended. Posted by Hello

saphi loves th heater Posted by Hello

Neko was such a cute kitten, she slept a whole lot too. Iguess that should have been my first clue. here she is out on the porch happily snoozing on the couch cushions. Posted by Hello

Mickey is eyeing the dogs here, but you cant see them. but isn't he a pretty cat? As you can tell, I love my babies! Posted by Hello

Princess marmalade.. AKA pumpkin Posted by Hello