Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the joys!!

So had a nap. Woke up feeling like crap. big old cramp making my belly hard. Drank some tea, had some tums. tried to eat some cereal. Drank some raspberry leaf tea. The cramp eased. was feeling a bit better then crampy again so had some mint tea. eased off. Had another smaller cramp about 12-15 min later. So called the Dr.'s office and they said it could be Braxton hicks but might just be stomach acid. So I am supposed to keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening through tomorrow then go in.

I am not that worried, I mean, I think its braxton hicks, but I don't think its heading to pre-term labor.

on a side note, I think the blogger spell check is funny for not knowing Braxton.

Not feeling comfortable at all.

Taking it easy tonight just to be safe. I called up to the Theater to see if the other Janitor can take my shift. So I am not going up tonight, just going to relax, take it easy, and believe that its just mild BH.

I wish Rob were here. Even if he couldn't help, he'd be here.

Having small pains in my lower pelvic area and small back, and a bit in my girlie parts. again i am not worried, I just have to think that I am ok, we are ok. and keep drinking fluids. maybe have some toast?

burning down the heart

I should be in bed. why am I not in bed? heartburn!!!! I swear, sometimes I think my tummy lays under my lungs not lower. I was cleaning the theatre and almost got done when I just had to go home and not be going back and forth or squish squish anymore. I will go back up in the morning to finish vacuuming and take out the trash as that is all that is left to do.

before I left to go clean I was sitting here with pumpernickel being all cute and snuggley. she had crept up onto the chair and had settled herself along side the left of my belly with her back feet on my elbow. droooooling on my belly. ew! Amelia bopped her for me, but it didn't fazed the fuzzy. hehehe.

I am measuring small, but acceptable for how far along the pregnancy is, and Amelia is also small but acceptable. must gain 11 more pounds before my due date. I wonder if i can manage 15?

Wish I had had the camera handy to capture the cuddling of pumpernickel on my belly.

I really need to head to bed. Maybe some Raspberry leaf tea will help? tired.

And I signed up to drive for the temple tomorrow what the heck was I thinking???? I will call in the morning since I missed the are you still available to drive call ( I left my phone in the car, AGAIN!) and it was way to late when I discovered my phone on the drive back from the theatre. oh yeah sure I can see me calling someone at 12:30 AM to say I don't know if I can drive tomorrow depends on if I get help with the gas and if my own personal gas is under control.

I do find it funny that the person who called me might not know I am preggers. The ward rumor mill is failing me on this!

I want to sleeeeep. stupid heartburn.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Preggy belly

Its a little out of date but only by a couple of days. my baby bump as of the 8th. Everyone says its small but to me i am a big belly. Tomorrow Margaret and go see my Dr. fun fun fun.

The pregnancy fun goes on and on. I wake up at night a bit hungry, so I munch. if I am too hungry, I throw up. Sometimes I then get more heartburn but at least its not constant ickyness anymore.

anyway hopefully I will be a good girl and post more frequently and be less of a blogger slacker!

preggy belly


So for a while now I had been hoping to find some old friends using Facebook and Myspace, I had just about decided they didn't use either of those site when they got in touch with me through Facebook! Wootness!

So glad to have gotten in touch with them again. I hate dropping off the face of the earth, I am good at it, but still, I miss my buddies. Important people, people that made a big differnece in my life, and I don't want to be lost from them anymore :D