Wednesday, January 28, 2009

burning down the heart

I should be in bed. why am I not in bed? heartburn!!!! I swear, sometimes I think my tummy lays under my lungs not lower. I was cleaning the theatre and almost got done when I just had to go home and not be going back and forth or squish squish anymore. I will go back up in the morning to finish vacuuming and take out the trash as that is all that is left to do.

before I left to go clean I was sitting here with pumpernickel being all cute and snuggley. she had crept up onto the chair and had settled herself along side the left of my belly with her back feet on my elbow. droooooling on my belly. ew! Amelia bopped her for me, but it didn't fazed the fuzzy. hehehe.

I am measuring small, but acceptable for how far along the pregnancy is, and Amelia is also small but acceptable. must gain 11 more pounds before my due date. I wonder if i can manage 15?

Wish I had had the camera handy to capture the cuddling of pumpernickel on my belly.

I really need to head to bed. Maybe some Raspberry leaf tea will help? tired.

And I signed up to drive for the temple tomorrow what the heck was I thinking???? I will call in the morning since I missed the are you still available to drive call ( I left my phone in the car, AGAIN!) and it was way to late when I discovered my phone on the drive back from the theatre. oh yeah sure I can see me calling someone at 12:30 AM to say I don't know if I can drive tomorrow depends on if I get help with the gas and if my own personal gas is under control.

I do find it funny that the person who called me might not know I am preggers. The ward rumor mill is failing me on this!

I want to sleeeeep. stupid heartburn.


  1. I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep!

  2. I hope that you got a nap.

    Did you get up to the temple?
    Funnily enough, I had another friend headed to the temple today ... I was almost asked to babysit for her.

    But she had another friend who owed her babysitting, so I went to storytime with the kidlets instead. And folded some laundry. (Go me.)