Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So tired. but my house is a disaster.

I finally got the dishwasher finished loaded and a wash in. woot, and I have another load of diapers in the washing machine. did I mention my fear that I may have broken the dryer? yeah... I had too mch crap on the top of the dryer and when I went to pull out the lint two maxi pads slipped inside. so I am scared to run the dryer for long in fear I  will set the house on fire. I pulled the dryer away from the wall and I *think* one of them is on the floor there behind, and I *think* the noise I hear is cause the tube thingy is disconected cause the other maxi pad shot into it... yeah I need to climb over and back there and check it out instead of just running the dryer on its regular cycle for only twenty min then running it on air dry for twenty then repeat until the stuff inside is dry....

And now that Amelia is asleep from my bouncing her in the bouncer I  am going to hope she stays asleep when I stop the motion so I can get some more cleaning done before I go to sleep. Reminds me I need to change my sheets cause I spilled my lifewater all over the bed when I fell asleep while nursing her and I had the drink in my hand.... at least I woke up and pulled her up and out of the puddle before she got wet.. it was just my pj's and the bed that got wet.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So grateful and feeling little guilty.

I caht with these ladies online, we have all talked to eachother throughout our pregnancy and now about our babies, and I look at my beuatilful perfect daugher and am so happy while I read about these ladies and the things that are wrong with their baby, the fussy spitting up of acid reflux, hating the bouncer, or worse, failing the hearing test, having been born premature and just now going to get to leave NICU if they get the oxygen home on time, and how they have to use a colostomy bag... and here is this little angle sleeping in her bouncer at my feet. And there are times when she is 'fussy' cause she has a bad gas bubble or a wet diaper or needs to poop and when I cant help the pooping or the burping and she cries cause its uncomfy i get a bit frustrated and then I have to remind myself how lucky I am and how even and sweet tempered she really is. And then she usually burps or poops and plops off to sleep.

only when we are at sada's and I am trying to eat with chopsticks and they have no restroom there  you have to go out to the arcade is she really upset :P

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pics of amelia

I know its been forever... doing well, geting some sleep, she is a sweet baby. I even got some houde cleaning done wow! anyway, hope the pics show!