Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Mote Academy

Working on a book. Working title is, can you guess? Mote academy tada! 

What is it about you ask? I am glad you asked!

What if magic was the manipulation of motes of energy, motes that had an aspect of fire, water, earth, air, light... And it's opposite, some call it darkness, but no one knows. 

Motes gather around those who have an affinity for the elements inside. When activated, the motes shine, giving off a spark of color letting you know which element has been woken. 

Ages passed, a great civilization stood, from its heart poured wonders wrought buy mote magic. Then disaster struck and the civilization vanish with almost no trace. All that's left is The Academy. A building found later a new civilization, who built their nation around it, over the ruins of the past. Secrets are still hidden within; doors no one has yet been able to open. Lore not yet understood. 

The start of a new age beckons, wonders of old, and wonders of new await, but will it lead to a second great devastation?