Tuesday, March 31, 2009

holy cow.. er well, you'll see!

I mean wow!!! and I hope that works. (the HTML I mean)

cleaned up the house some and practiced folding cloth diapers using a teddy bear. cats tried to 'help' and got yelled at.... oh and be shocked, I put away almost all of my clean laundry!!! wow, I mean do you have any idea how hard it is to fold and stuff with a belly in the way? I bet some of you do... it took me a while cause I had to take breaks or I was going to puke from the squashing my tummy was taking.

I have also discovered that eating chocolate covered cherries is an excellent way to get Amelia to move and make my tummy sore. more sore. sorer? hmm sorest? what an odd word...

I ordered some chinese prefold diapers I thought I was ordering dozens, but I think its actually individual ones.. meh... anyway I bought 20 bucks worth (incuding shipping) I figure I can add covers and more prefolds if I need to as I go but with the gerbers (I have 1 doz of them) which I have to fold in half to fit into the newborn covers, plus the ones I just ordered plus the few fitted I have plus whatever other clothie stuff I may end up with from the shower... I should be covered.... I may just need to buy some rolls of liners though.

ok I am now hungry and being abused by my unborn child. must. eat. something.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

things happen in threes

I totally blame my friend 'lanna for the death of my fridge. Here is why. so had lunch with her on my bday and she tells my sis and I about her dieing fridge. One week later and mine and my sisters go kaput. Coincidence???? :P dont worry i still love you!
I went down to the second hand store and purchased a side by side using money in the savings. hey! I cannot be without a fridge!!! and 195 bucks for a side by side fridge, not to bad.

now I just have to replace all the food that spoiled before I realized the fridge was dead......

after buying the fridge I went up to the valley and had my ultrasound. Baby is growing and is on track and they estimate her weight at four and a half pounds. not to bad!

My sis and I then had lunch at a rib place in Salem called adams rib. oh. my. word. The BEST ribs I have had in I do not know how long. I begged some ice in a bag and some tinfoil from the employee's so I could get them safely home and not waste them. so I had them for dinner. yum yum yum. I am now sad that I have no more of them. I wish I lived closer to them so I could go eat there!!! seriously any of you that are able to go to that place and eat them do you will like the riiiiiibbbbsss. the mashed garlic potatoes... not so much. but the Ribs, glorious ribs... beef ones too, I mean you can have pork ones if you want (eeewww) but the beef... ahhhh. and I know some beef ribs have like no meat on them and you feel cheated... but these had MEAT. six differnt types of sauce... I liked the bourbon sauce it was sweet and a bit tangy. My sis liked her buffalo sammich. I didn't try it but she is at least as picky as I am so it is likely good. if any of you liked busters and are sad they are gone, Adams Rib! its by the Roxie. and yes. I do go on about food. just cause I am a skinny chick does not mean I don't love my food. I do I do I do, just... it sometimes hates me. and these ribs didn't so woooooooot!!!

they tasted good even without the sauce by the way. but I liked to put the sauce on any way. they won some award for the best dry rub.

Bring me ribs and no one gets hurt....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday update

I got my car back! woot! all fixed and pretty, but the inside kind of smells like paint eeeeewww.

finally got some video of baby beating up on my belly to send to my hubby. she is so mean!!!!! currently sitting near my right rib cage making it hard to breath. and she just kicked me hard enough that it really hurt. probably wouldn't have hurt if it hadn't been that she had been pressing up against that area for the last half an hour. brat even in the womb!

Tomorrow I need to go to the DMV and renew my license so that I am still legal next tuesday.

I want to bath but am worried that sitting in the warm water will make me more prone to feeling woozy... same thing about the shower.

I am actually pretty tired and hope I get some good sleep in tonight. I think I will go to the DMV about 11 ish? maybe they wont be too busy then. I will take my iPod and make sure that what I wear doesn't do what today's outfit did and completely hid that I am preggy. is it bad that I want to show my preggyness off so people are nicer to me?

hopefully this is the video of the belly bumps.... I edited it so there is no sound and took out the long pauses between movement so you may want to play your own music. I think Sara berielles morning side goes well with it~

evil blogger wont upload it or let me imbed it so here is the link babybump

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dr's appointment and cloth diapers

Went into the valley (yes yes I know, it sounds exciting doesn't it??) yesterday with my sister for my Dr's appointment, we left early, after an hour of fussing with the car trying to get it so we could have the iPod for music and finding out that we needed an adapter part that is a pair and we only had half of it. Then we headed out and stopped off at Wee Bunz, a cloth diaper store for some hands on diaper joy. I ended up buying three of the cutest little fitted diapers and three newborn sized covers. The diapers are sooo cute and soft. and fluffy. and wow, i will have a teeny little hiney to put in them soon....

My Hubby said he would buy some more diapers for my birthday :D I am excited about Diapering with cloth

isn't that tiny and cute!!! I got three of these (yes I am aware I need many more) one in purple, one inn green and one in tan. they have snaps to be really small and to be able to grow with the munchkin, and a snap in the middle to snap it down for the umbilical stump. (ew) And so sooooooft.

We then went to lunch at arby's and while it was fast, the food was sub par. mozzerrla sticks were chewy and old, and the beef seemed a little... meh. not enough cheese on my beef and cheddar either. I had a milkshake. best part of the meal. Then we headed over to the Dr's to do my glucose test. Yes kids at home, I DID have a milkshake half an hour before doing a test on my blood sugar levels. hey they DID say I could eat! Anyway, the drink made me want to puke, and gave me heartburn and a headache, and made me feel a little, funky. Then to I got my rhogam shot right after drinking the glucose, so that probably didn't help any. my butt is still a bit tender on that side... Well after an hour we went back in and the stabbed my finger and I passed at 102. Then we hit the road and went to target where I got some baby items using the gift card from my Father in Law. still have 51 bucks left! Then we went to costco to get store stuff and I was out of water so I was glad when my sister needed a pick me up and I bought us some smoothies, well, me a smoothie and a mocha for her. Then it was dark and we headed home. About this time I was having the hardest time peeling my eyes apart. So when we got back to her house we stuffed my items in my car and I went on home. went to bed at 10. yes TEN. crazy. I know.

Today I have not done much, got up late, ate, took a shower then a bath. washed a load of clothes that now need to magically move themselves to the dryer. My sis came over and took the unworking dishwasher out and gross with the nasty water left in it and its various tubes.... airing out my kitchen as we speak. well, as I type. power is off in the kitchen area kind of, the wiring in this house is strange, it turned off the dishwasher, not the fridge (woot) and my bathroom. not the stove or microwave so food prep is good to go. yeah I KNOW its weird. I wonder if the people who built this house were like, I know, lets have this part of this room and this room be connected to this circuit, but not anything in between.. it will be funny! and then shot up some more meth. ok not meth meth was not really a drug back in the day when this house was built. maybe coke? Acid?

Acid would explain so much about the quirks in the house, I love this house, but honestly, its wiring and functions are rather like the neurological pathways of some one who HAS done acid.

I have to take the car to the shop tomorrow and my sister is going to pick me up after and take me to work. JOY. I will miss having a car that runs nicely and I can count on sitting in the garage. but, I can live for five days without a vehicle. I mean, its not like everything I need isn't a block a way or anything. I mean, just cause I can stand in my carport and see my favorite grocery store doesn't mean I'm near it... :P

what should I have for dinner... gooooood question. I will think of something.