Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday update

I got my car back! woot! all fixed and pretty, but the inside kind of smells like paint eeeeewww.

finally got some video of baby beating up on my belly to send to my hubby. she is so mean!!!!! currently sitting near my right rib cage making it hard to breath. and she just kicked me hard enough that it really hurt. probably wouldn't have hurt if it hadn't been that she had been pressing up against that area for the last half an hour. brat even in the womb!

Tomorrow I need to go to the DMV and renew my license so that I am still legal next tuesday.

I want to bath but am worried that sitting in the warm water will make me more prone to feeling woozy... same thing about the shower.

I am actually pretty tired and hope I get some good sleep in tonight. I think I will go to the DMV about 11 ish? maybe they wont be too busy then. I will take my iPod and make sure that what I wear doesn't do what today's outfit did and completely hid that I am preggy. is it bad that I want to show my preggyness off so people are nicer to me?

hopefully this is the video of the belly bumps.... I edited it so there is no sound and took out the long pauses between movement so you may want to play your own music. I think Sara berielles morning side goes well with it~

evil blogger wont upload it or let me imbed it so here is the link babybump


  1. I remember that ohh so well. Constance was VERY active like that!.. fun memories.. what is with the drawing on your belly?

  2. I did it so that you could actually see the movement, all the video i shot before the drawing you couldn't tell if it was breathing or bumping

  3. I think that it's more than totally acceptable to dress up your pregnancy for the DMV (or other less-than-GREAT places). If people are gonna treat you nicer, knowing that you are preggers, go for it!
    (See, you have a choice. Which is WAY cool. Me? I could either try and dress it down to look like I was about 20-months pregnant. Or I could "dress it up" and look like I just devoured Tokyo. And maybe Antarctica. With a midnight snack of Cleveland. :P)

  4. Also, your video is DARLING!

    Your preggo-tummy SO out-cutes mine. No contest. (Mine was just ginormous and covered in neon-purple zebra print. And yours is ADORABLE! I'm trying not to be jealous. Be proud of me. ^_^)