Tuesday, March 24, 2009

things happen in threes

I totally blame my friend 'lanna for the death of my fridge. Here is why. so had lunch with her on my bday and she tells my sis and I about her dieing fridge. One week later and mine and my sisters go kaput. Coincidence???? :P dont worry i still love you!
I went down to the second hand store and purchased a side by side using money in the savings. hey! I cannot be without a fridge!!! and 195 bucks for a side by side fridge, not to bad.

now I just have to replace all the food that spoiled before I realized the fridge was dead......

after buying the fridge I went up to the valley and had my ultrasound. Baby is growing and is on track and they estimate her weight at four and a half pounds. not to bad!

My sis and I then had lunch at a rib place in Salem called adams rib. oh. my. word. The BEST ribs I have had in I do not know how long. I begged some ice in a bag and some tinfoil from the employee's so I could get them safely home and not waste them. so I had them for dinner. yum yum yum. I am now sad that I have no more of them. I wish I lived closer to them so I could go eat there!!! seriously any of you that are able to go to that place and eat them do you will like the riiiiiibbbbsss. the mashed garlic potatoes... not so much. but the Ribs, glorious ribs... beef ones too, I mean you can have pork ones if you want (eeewww) but the beef... ahhhh. and I know some beef ribs have like no meat on them and you feel cheated... but these had MEAT. six differnt types of sauce... I liked the bourbon sauce it was sweet and a bit tangy. My sis liked her buffalo sammich. I didn't try it but she is at least as picky as I am so it is likely good. if any of you liked busters and are sad they are gone, Adams Rib! its by the Roxie. and yes. I do go on about food. just cause I am a skinny chick does not mean I don't love my food. I do I do I do, just... it sometimes hates me. and these ribs didn't so woooooooot!!!

they tasted good even without the sauce by the way. but I liked to put the sauce on any way. they won some award for the best dry rub.

Bring me ribs and no one gets hurt....

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  1. I'm so sorry that my bad fridge-karma transferred onto you!!

    But I'm glad that you still love me.
    Funny that we BOTH got side-by-side fridges to replace the offenders. ^_^ You got a MUCH better deal than we did ... but we bought a new one, so I'm glad that you're not spending more than we did. ^_^

    And yay for Amelia's weight gain!! Woot!!
    And double-yay for ribs that didn't make your body hate you!