Tuesday, March 31, 2009

holy cow.. er well, you'll see!

I mean wow!!! and I hope that works. (the HTML I mean)

cleaned up the house some and practiced folding cloth diapers using a teddy bear. cats tried to 'help' and got yelled at.... oh and be shocked, I put away almost all of my clean laundry!!! wow, I mean do you have any idea how hard it is to fold and stuff with a belly in the way? I bet some of you do... it took me a while cause I had to take breaks or I was going to puke from the squashing my tummy was taking.

I have also discovered that eating chocolate covered cherries is an excellent way to get Amelia to move and make my tummy sore. more sore. sorer? hmm sorest? what an odd word...

I ordered some chinese prefold diapers I thought I was ordering dozens, but I think its actually individual ones.. meh... anyway I bought 20 bucks worth (incuding shipping) I figure I can add covers and more prefolds if I need to as I go but with the gerbers (I have 1 doz of them) which I have to fold in half to fit into the newborn covers, plus the ones I just ordered plus the few fitted I have plus whatever other clothie stuff I may end up with from the shower... I should be covered.... I may just need to buy some rolls of liners though.

ok I am now hungry and being abused by my unborn child. must. eat. something.


  1. forgot to say, I just got the shower invites on monday so I will be sending those out soon. I know not all of those I mail can come, but I want to invite you anyway :P

  2. I saw that video!! CRAZY!! (And I think it'd be kinda awesome if it really happened to us ... if we had a cat door, that is. ^_^)

    I hope that Amelia's not kicking you too hard. And this is great foddder for when she's a teen and complaining about you. :P You can bring this up. And have your sister and me back you up. :P

    Oh! I thought of you the other day. I was in West Salem and they have a kawaii little baby-boutique store. Some of the prices are excellent ... some are a little pricier than I could afford. But things are SO cute. AND they have lots of cloth diaper supplies (and premie-sized clothes, which could have come in handy for me a few years back. :P)

    And, yes, putting things away is a killer. I still miss my volunteer shelving at the library. Even though it was SO hard just before the kids came. The squatting and getting back up would make me dizzy.
    But, go you! I should fold and put away the laundry, too!!