Monday, March 01, 2010

I am such a total slacker.

I am not sure how long it has been since I updated this blog. If  you want pics of my oh so pretty baby, you must be my friend on facebook! mwhahahaha.
I do put many of her pictures there.

Amelia is getting her very first tooth! it is amazing to me. my little baby has been out in the world as long as she was inside me. wow.
She likes to babble, I think she tries to say bird. she only says mama when she is up set. mostly she says bababababa like she is a little lamb or something hehe. Other than that lets see, my hubby is going to school, I fixed part of the roof and only have to now replace the bropcken slatt on the porch oo fun, and the sheet I have is way to long so I have to figure out just how I am going to trim it down so it will fit.
Amelia is pulling herself up and climbing on up and over things. she seems so intent on walking!

She still comes up to the store with me and now we have aplaypen for her so she is contained cause she was getting into everything and some of the things here are not baby friendly at all! so now she has the pen and only at the store toys so she has 'special' things to play with and is )hopefully) less fussy hehe.

I best go now she is making moo mmoo noises.