Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the joys!!

So had a nap. Woke up feeling like crap. big old cramp making my belly hard. Drank some tea, had some tums. tried to eat some cereal. Drank some raspberry leaf tea. The cramp eased. was feeling a bit better then crampy again so had some mint tea. eased off. Had another smaller cramp about 12-15 min later. So called the Dr.'s office and they said it could be Braxton hicks but might just be stomach acid. So I am supposed to keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening through tomorrow then go in.

I am not that worried, I mean, I think its braxton hicks, but I don't think its heading to pre-term labor.

on a side note, I think the blogger spell check is funny for not knowing Braxton.

Not feeling comfortable at all.

Taking it easy tonight just to be safe. I called up to the Theater to see if the other Janitor can take my shift. So I am not going up tonight, just going to relax, take it easy, and believe that its just mild BH.

I wish Rob were here. Even if he couldn't help, he'd be here.

Having small pains in my lower pelvic area and small back, and a bit in my girlie parts. again i am not worried, I just have to think that I am ok, we are ok. and keep drinking fluids. maybe have some toast?

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  1. It does sound rather like Braxton -Hicks.
    I didn't have those a lot ... but I did have one friend (currently has three kids now) who would have them a LOT.

    If you want, I could pass you her contact info. She could be your Braxton mentor. Just let me know. I hope that you and Amelia are feeling better!!