Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm sitting in my living room, with my belly exposed, pumpernickel snuggling all cute on my well, not lap, upper thighs, and I am watching the bump popping. I keep hoping Amelia will bop the kitty on the head, but so far she has only brushed me where her head lays not a true whack. I did think it was funny when she pushed at the kitty head.

I expect that as she grows the popping will get bigger and I can catch it on camera.

Watching heros. I dunno, this season so far seems pretty good, and I don't want to put out a spoiler or anything. Just find that peter's brother being the bad guy makes me sad. Plus Sylar still creeps me out. I just don't see how he can pull off being spock, he's like, creepy!

I enjoyed Chuck, but my reception was too sucky, is to sucky for me to try the 3D glasses. plus the whole two color 3D never really works that great for me. I can always see the colors on the screen, and the 3D only seems to work about 50% of the time. Only 3D that I was ever impressed with was the Disney 3D I saw when we went to see nightmare before christmas. now THAT was 3D.

my poor cats are so starved for attention.

I wish Rob were here. Maybe then he would understand more how I feel, if he were here more then a week at a time I mean, hard to understand how this pregnancy has been without being here for it. Plus I'm lonely. I want my hubby.

thump thump thump. Amelia really likes to move while I watch T.V.

going to check out this season of medium. last season kind of sucked.

wonder if Amelia will move to this show.

hehe pumpernickel is complaining that I am typing instead of petting. Brat cat. I have the munchies... What to eat??? hmmm.

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  1. Sorry that you're so lonely.

    But thanks for the recaps on the shows that we don't get! No, really. Is Hiro still as cute as in Season One (I haven't seen Season 2 yet. *sad face*)?

    I think it'd be funny if Pumpernickle gets a kick to the head. Because she'll totally be all, "Whoa. What just happened??" and adorable like that.