Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Birthing Class

Tuesdays in February from 6-8:30 weee. Yesterday was our first class and I thought it started at 6:30. good thing my sis called me 10 min before 6 to ask how we were going to do the car thing, meet there or what, I told her I could pick her up and she said well better hurry then! we were late but not the latest. it was fairly decent. Hopefully it will help me be more prepared and less all, eeeep! about the whole thing. yeah right. but I can hope right? missed my Tuesday shows though, sad face! good thing house and Fringe are available online.

After class I took my sis home and she came out to let me know one of their friends was over with clothes and stuff for me. So I went in to say Hi and Thanks. Some really nice clothes and some blankets and itty bitty socks!!! I can still use more little clothes though... And with the not working at the theater i am a little freaked about being able to get he diapers I want, but the good news is I may be picking up some hours at the Chiropractic office, which is less physical and pays better! So hopefully that will happen. and DFAS will not be a booger and will actually send the extra money Rob told them to. I will know for sure next month, and will either relax or FREAK out. so keep your fingers crossed K?

It is absolutly gorgeous here today. 60 ish, so my tootsies are not cold in my flip flops. Which I am wearing cause my shoes with laces are a pain, its not so easy to tie them anymore and they like to come untied. I can handle squishing my belly ever so often but its not fun to bend over and tie my shoes, so flip flops are my friends! Thinking about giving in and buying some cheapo slip on keds from payless. Might be worth it and help my tootsies stay warmer and be more work appropriate....

I have the music up so it will motivate me to clean and organize. Yeah, seeing as how I am sending out a blog, its soooo working Wonder if doing the emote will work that way? hmm, we shall se mwahahahaha.

So to answer a question, yes Hiro is still as cute as in Season 1. I didn't really watch season 2 so this season, 3? There are some things people that I am like huh? but I didn't like season 2, so there you go. Kind of like so far I like this season fo Medium but last season lost me.

just yelled at the small slightly hairless kitty cat for eating crumbs. I really need to get my butt in gear and clean.

I saw a nice sign today. It said, Make yourself at home; Clean my house! I soooo want that.

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  1. That would be an AWESOME sign.

    And I agree that the slip-on Keds would be a good idea. Maybe get them a wee bit loose? (Hopefully you don't swell up anything like I did.)

    Also, I'm SO glad that Hiro's still adorable. I like present-day Hiro. He's my favorite. ^_^