Thursday, June 23, 2005

property Seizure

I had no Idea truely, that it was something happening all around. I don't imagine that you could be forced out of your home buy a business or a road. its so wrong!!! how did our system get so corrupt? how can it be??? don't we have any rights any more? did we ever really have any? I think I am dissillusioned. I want the dream our forefathres had, even if it never really exhisted, I want it. government that listens to the people, that serves us. all of us, the very poor and the very rich and the in betweens.

wouldn't it be awesome if there was no poor, if there was no rich, if every one truely was equal?

Its a dream, and we have to try very hard to reach it, because without our effort, we will have nothing.

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