Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Re- vamping my blog

No one reads this, and that is okay. Last night as I settled into bed I realized that writing, in whatever form I do, really is just for me. If it helps someone else than great but really the point of writing is to get it out. To write here is, let out my fears and worries and hopes and dreams. If someone comes across this and it can help them than so much the better.

I read once from and author explaining the process of writing a book, that you need to write, every day even if it is not on your book, just getting the thoughts flowing can help you write your story. Write every day, and keep reading too.

Right now I am reading 'the Atlantis virus' second book following after the Atlantis gene. I am enjoying it on this winter day. Staying warm and reading while my aches yell at me that I really shouldn't be up and about. My knee in particular much prefers me staying in the warm bed. Amelia was jealous that I got to stay home; she loves staying home with me she asserted. Still, she must go to school so off she went even though the bus was late and flakes of snow were falling and melting, and home I went to burrow under blankets and read.

I do not blame her for her wish to stay home. It is cold out there, and being warm and cozy is much preferable. We're she to stay home however she would miss out on socialization and learning, and she is progressing so well at school. 

I have lost my phone. I heard it's alarms going off this morning but could not locate it. Hopefully no one will need me until the man comes home and he and I will find it.

I am going back to my book now. Tootles.

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