Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow week

First off, I was prepared for a four day weekend. Kid had Friday and Monday off for Presidents' Day and a staff day. Then it snowed. Okay Tuesday off because plows were working at clearing the road and many were nasty. Then Wednesday off, ice and still some roads closed. Ditto Thursday. Now tomorrow is also a snow day. Part of it might be why make the kids come to school for one day. I agree with that. Plus, if the outlying areas are still unplowed or iced I would not want kids in busses on them. 

Luckily mom in law made it home from jersey. There are worse fates than being stuck in jersey, she could have been stuck in Utah. 

I don't think I would have liked several days snowed in Utah unable to travel yikes. Sorry Utah family, I know you like it there but personally I'do rather just about any other state.

I could get stuck inoregon, they have been have 60 degree weather. With our overnight low looking to be near or in the negatives, 60 sounds like tropical paradise. My house is running at about 65, but that feels really really cold. 

And I am in layers.

Back to the kid.

She is all happy that she gets to stay home, again. She likes it. What is not to like, you sleep in (I like that too) you get to eat breakfast with mom, which she finished today wonder of wonders, then you play and possible do some of the worksheets mom printed out. Yesterday I was mean and made her do like ten worksheets. My neighbor friend said that snow days are suppose to be fun days. I liked the worksheets. While she did her homework, I did mine. And by homework I mean of course housework. I have much organizing to do around here! 

Tomorrow mom in law is going to take the kid swimming. Maybe I can stay home and re-organize the corner I stole the coffee table now kid desk from. I need another cubby storage shelf thingy.

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