Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bento lunch

Played some d3 and then when we got done, we being online friends as hubs had already gone to bed, went down to make hubs his lunch. Luckily I had checked earlier and found the bread had decided it wanted to be green, so I had rice cooking while I played. Cleaned the wok, got the oil going and mixed up five eggs, mirin, soy sauce, rice vinegar up, poured that into the now warm oil and fried up the eggs. I love frying eggs in the wok. Happy shhh sounds. Fills me with joy. Fried up some spam, turkey flavored this time. Don't judge, it's cheap, but yummmmmm. Separated half my rice so kiddo can have her plain rice, silly child does not know what she is missing out on by not eating my egg and ham rice! Then dumped the rice in and fried that up. Once it was looking all nice and golden brown I added soy sauce. Now, who hubs bought the soy sauce this time he did not buy it in the glass jar like I had gotten used to using, but I a plastic jug which I had no prior experience using to season with. So. Extra sauce. Stole some of the kids white rice to make it less soy saucey. She will live I saved too much for her anyway. Mixed it all up, though I can still see some lighter rice. Added in some mirin fishey sauce, and rice vinegar. Poured in the eggs and ham I had set aside from earlier. Chopped up the egg. Mixed it in. It looks great. Three containers later hubs has the choice of portion size, small, med, large. The small is not that much less than the medium, but the large is almost twice the medium. Oh well.

I might watch something I am now to wound up to sleep.

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