Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow day

We started off with a four day weekend, Friday was off was was Monday. Then Monday night the snow fell, and so school was closed today. Tomorrow school is also closed, but little to my kids knowledge, mom has been happily browsing education.com's various workbooks and work sheets and planing a curriculum to keep her off the computer and working on homework instead. Her hand writing is terrible, so I am mostly focused on ones that have writing involved. I also got some fun things to do like coloring and games and a maze. 

When the man gave kiddo his old computer I also had him haul up the coffe table we were using as a bench/ paperwork storage area upstairs to be her desk. So she has his computer to goof off on, though as yet she has not been able to get it started by herself. I am going to get some of the learning games from education.com on there so that she can play them as part of her homework. 

I have lots to do myself that I have been procrastinating, so my goal is to be productive tomorrow; re-organize the mess from the moving of the coffee table and keeping kiddo involved in homework. She will learn, the house will look better, and by the time hubs gets home she will be more than willing to do anything but homework 😁 sometimes I really do feel mean. My plan will be good for both of us.

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