Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hubby lunch

I imagined myself, now a stay at home mom and wife, making cute lunches for my husband and child. Reality is far from that. I made lunch for my kid. Which she ignored in favor of school lunch. So I don't make her lunch anymore, why bother when it doesn't get eaten? My poor hubs, without the additional enticement of feeding the kid, my enthusiasm for making bento lunches for him is inversely proportional to how cold I am. I still think of neat lunches for him, but after putting the kid to bed, watching some shows or playing online, I go down to figure out his lunch and go aha! This will work. 

Tomorrow he is getting left over ravioli and pizza. 

At least it is food he likes and I did remember to pack it for him. Maybe tomorrow once I finish the laundry I will make something more creative for Thursday. There are still two slices of pizza though...

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