Friday, February 06, 2009

Rocker Belly

This morning at about 5:30 AM Little Amelia woke me up rocking out to a heavy metal concert only she could here. Crazy movement, all over the belly, kicks at my cervix and pushes and pops up along the top and sides and back. I felt her moving for a few minutes and then she settled down. By then my thirst was too much so I hopped out of bed and get my water bottle and took a drink and took the bottle back to bed with me. Settled back in and was treated to an encore performance. I guess Amelia likes mornings!
Made it to work a little late, not too bad, but still late. Had two bowls of trix. I am guessing the second bowl was a bad idea... my sis had come up to the store to meet with the radio sales guy, and after he left, the mail lady came, and I stood up to go start sorting the mail, and instead felt the need to go visit the toilet. Lost my trix. Blech. Went next door and bought some ginger ale
Then had some raspberry leaf tea, and a pretzel. mmm I love soft pretzels. salty goodness. Some one came buy fund raising with krispy kremes, so I bought a box. Bad me! Ate four of the things. Then my sis and I split a turkey sandwhich yum!
Then I decided to see if I still fail for gaining my pound this week. Yesterday I was at 118 and a bit. today, 120 and a bit hooray! of course my sis says its all the food and as soon as I poop I will go back down. Spoil sport!I am going to bask in the warm happy glow of beleiving I over-acheived and gained 2 pounds this week when I only had to gain one and be happy! Lets see if I can do that next week to and make my Dr. happy. er.
Yes, I am a nutter. send me heavy thoughts for wieght gain.

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  1. Yay for your weight gain!! Go you!! I know that you've been working hard at it!!

    Sorry about the Trix-debacle. And that Amelia is such a morning-baby. Let's hope that she grows out of that. FAST. ^_^