Wednesday, February 11, 2009

..if I only had a brain...

So Friday was the last day I know I had my phone. it woke me up for work and then I have no strong recollection of where I put the blasted thing. yeah I mean like completely no longer any memory of what I did after I got off work other then I took a bath and ate two more doughnuts. mmmm. they were good, I remember that too. I think i had more Gyouza. Maybe i ate those on Sunday actually. yeah that was Sunday, so I dunno what I had for dinner Friday. It doesn't matter anyway.

So Monday I cleaned and re-organized the living room in the hope that my missing phone would show up. No Joy!

Today I went up to the store to search and no luck either eeerg. This was after I looked through the bathroom bedroom and living room, turning the recliner upside down just in case. yeah yeah I know six months along I should not be lifting anything heavy but I more pushed it over then any lifting.... I hurt myself more re-arranging the books Monday. Went to Safeway to see if I had lost it there. I even called the Theater despite being SURE I had it on Friday and knowing I had not been there since Wednesday evening. no joy. My sis gave me her deactivated phone so I can activate that tomorrow if I didn't find my phone.... cause you know, being preggy and not having a phone, sooo not OK. and with how my internet behaved today-- yes it works oh no it doesn't, oh wait maybe ooo loaded on page then died... I can't really rely on the internet to be able to message my sis to say HELP! (I am also kind of an internet junky so not having reliable internet made me a bit crazy today)

I took a nice long bath with some Epsom salts that have spearmint and Eucalyptus oil in them. ahhh my stupid sciatica feels better. got out and looked through the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen and the living room again. grrr. Sat down to see if I could get online and wee its working hooray! and as I was sitting here my eye feel on the box that the necklace Rob's mom gave me came in. I was like, i played with the phone and that box... but when was that... hmm... I opened the top of the box and there it was, sitting on top of the necklace case.


  1. I am glad you found your phone. Oh and it is called pregnancy brain, mine was complete goo and to be honest I am not sure it has recovered.

  2. I am glad you found your phone too. I hate when I cannot remember where I put things, that is the worst.~love you

  3. Yes, Sher. Things like this are going to happen. And it lasts for longer than your pregnancy. (Seriously, after having the kids, I asked the visiting nurse, "I've noticed that I'll be talking and talking and then I realize that I'm STILL talking ... and I don't know if I've made any sense. Is this normal/okay?" ... Turns out that I was just exhausted enough that my brain would start to disengage. Heh.)

    But don't worry about it. Maybe, though, you could get into the habit of putting your phone in a certain place all the time (Like how mine's usually either in my bag or on my desk ... or charging. Or how I can't sleep unless I make sure that the back door is locked.)

    But I'm glad that you have your phone. Phew!!