Friday, February 13, 2009

warms the cockles of my heart.

Mows. hehehe today the comic combined two things I love. well one I really love and one I was like, hooked on and have weened myself off of.

funny isn't it!!!!

and sure, I get home and my internet is working. I start to blogg and I drop off. I really am going to have to murder my internet provider. With a giant trout.

I was shocked that one of my friends didn't know who Mulder and Scully Pictured here: are (Mulder is the guy). I mean, I know not everyone is an x-files fan, but the show was popular and is kind of, iconic. I'll get over it. Actually I laughed pretty good about the whole thing, but wow. :D See now I am just rubbing it in. I'm mean like that. Thats how *I* roll! oooh my modem is teasing me! Ah ha! I have internet again! weeee! I think my modem likes to be on its side... when it is laying flat, no worky, but on its side and worky... its my newest theory.

Some friends from the theater stopped by the store and gave me some baby goodies, a baby tub and a couple pacifiers and baby bath essentials and a thingy for washing the bottles and nipples in the dishwasher. very nice of them :D

and just for grins and giggles:

not that any of my fellow D&D addicts seem to be keeping up with our online play by post... but ah well.

My Hubby is a good hubby. He sent me Flowers and chocolates and a bear and a balloon for valentines and I got a call from him today My hubby is a sweety. I wish we could be together :( At least I got to talk to him. I really need to send his box out!!!! I am a bad wifey. I blame the belly for my lack of getting it done ness. but that is an excuse.. a good one, but still! I will move my buns and get the box out monday I promise!!!!


  1. You crack me up girly.

  2. Are you making fun of me!!! on your blog?? how rude:P.....jk