Saturday, February 14, 2009

picture day, Plus Fail?

Flowers from my hubby :D he is a sweetie.Evil photo snatchers.....

I took this off my season one DVD of the x-files. yes I have x-files on DVD. no I do not have them all. I have season 1,2,3, and six. deal with it!!!

now I am not sure if this will let me put the next image where I want it... but this is how, pre hubby, I had my hair, nice and short:

now of course its longer, and somedays it drives me bonkers. but her likes it so I keep it long. I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of long hair and labor and a newborn... but I will burn that bridge when I get to it.

On a separate note. Failure.... what does it mean to really fail? you know, if we always succeeded we would never learn and what good would that do? I think the only true way to fail is to have something not work out and not to learn. so when we "fail" as long as we learn from it and grow and develop more, we still succeed. its good to "fail" we need to "fail" or all we would be is jello. and really, I am sorry, but I don't wanna be cow hooves. yes you heard me Cow hooves. what did you think jello was made from hmmm??? you sick people! :P

And before I forget....

Happy valentines day!

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  1. I don't think that it'll be too bad having long hair ... at least Amelia will be used to it and will learn not to pull it while she's still a gentle girl. ^_^

    And good on your man, getting you flowers. Yay!