Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sucky Saturday, or the intenet woes part 2 + plus car.

I have had worse Saturdays, but this one.. has had it moments of complete disaster. First, I was SUPPOSE to have a tech come out and make it so that my internet stops inciting me into a homicidal rage. No tech. i called and they said, your tech was canceled and I shouted WHAT! I waited all week for this tech to come. I have had crappy connection for TWO weeks now. yes i am aware there had been an outage in my area, but all night last night I had internet going in and out and in and out. I was livid. Not only because now I wont get a tech till TUESDAY but cause I waited all day long, ok only till 1 PM, but still I usually go over to my sis' house at like 11 or noon and we do car care. Someone should have called me. Told me they were going to cancel my service call. ASK me if I need it. yeah, this makes me feel like I have qwest service again. I HATED qwest service. I cannot believe this crap.

Moving on.

went over to my sisters house and brought her a spark plug sinc she was chaning hers and had broken one in the process. Then we went to test her car out, and so I parked my car on the street. I don't like to, its dangerous someone could scratch my new car... I thought about pulling into her SO's spot instead, but I didn't.

BAD choice.

My car.... my poor poor car.

neighbors unlicensed (he has a permit) son backed into the car. big HUGE freaking dent. My sis and I returned and her SO was out talking to the lady and he motioned for us to stop, and I saw the damage to the car.

I am already having tummy issues! I didn't need my car to have a big dent in it.

So I get out and my sis goes and parks her car and the lady says, she looks angry.
She was.
At least they lady and the kid were honest enough to admit they backed into the car and not to just hit it and go, you know? and so we got his info and her info and the owner of the cars info and the insurance info and called my insurance and let them know and I got a claim number and meanwhile I am feeling even more like my tummy hates me. Gave the Lady my info and my car info and my insurance info. Went inside and had some food and fought throwing up and won (hooray!) then watched some weird freaking movies... and had some stomach unhappyness, tighness in the muscles, maybe some braxton hicks I dunno really, laid on the floor so I wouldn't throw up (though I did a little acid refluxness into the throat...yuck) finished the movie and now I am home.

Oh yea we made some yummy cookies too.
At least I was not in the car and so didn't have to get monitored.

my perfect shiny car has a big yucky on it :( poor thing. I will get it fixed and it will look like it never happened. until then, I will be sad everytime I look at it.

I feel tight and uncomfortable in my belly area. comes and goes. at least these are not painful like the other braxton hicks like things I have had. Maybe I will have a bath and some mint tea and a cookie and read the rest of my book.

and my poor sis, her elbow and shoulder hurt her so. I wish I could make her not hurt.


  1. I am sooo sorry about your car, my car has been hit twice, it was brand new once too. Luckily it got fixed just like new both times. Let me know how things go with it.
    You need to relax more dear it will help the contractions.

  2. I hope that you and M both feel better double-asap!

    And I'm so sorry about your car and internet woes. I'm betting that Mr. Teen-driver is GROUNDED ... or that he's going to be paying for his insurance or something ... not that it really helps you ... But, you're right, at least they did the honest thing by owning up to it. Maybe they could pay your deductible? Or part of it?

    I'm glad that you weren't in the car when it happened. Phew. Hugs!! I hope that things all get fixed as soon as can be!