Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy news

Two fronts of happy news!

So for those of you who read it and say the response I got from umatter2charter and them my suspicions, today when I called into charter they did verify that Eric works for their internet tech support. So its a real thing and not a scam. So if your charter internet is less then happy, and your not finding it resolved, you can send a buzz of to them and they can help you out.

although if your internet is down, you can't do that until it comes up... hmm. still, its a cool thing that they care enough about how their customers feel to check the blogs. pretty smart in this bloggy world.

On the second front, despite my sucky morning and sacrifice of more oatmeal into the throne of the porcelain god of the swirling waters, I had a decent morning. yes I felt like crap and didn't want to be there, but it meant I received a bouncy chair and a portable swing from a lady who decided it was too spendy to ship them. She was just going to take them to salvation army if it was too spendy, but seeing me pregnant she offered them to me. Bonus!

oh and on a third front, i had more miso soup and teriyaki salmon, and none of it was given up in offerings to the porcelain god. Yes I am LDS, but I beleive in multiple gods.. I mean seriously, why would God tell us to put no other gods before him if there are none? and do we not believe as man is God once was as God is man may become? so how can you say that being LDS I can't believe, and even perhaps acknowledge their works, other gods, when God, who I worship above any others, says they exist?

ooooo I just entered serious theological grounds. I better back off before my brain explodes and leaves behind a black hole.

I have a king size kit kat. and its mine. all mine. no touchy!

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