Friday, July 22, 2005

Grand mal seizures in cats

I am posting this in hopes that someone out there will come across this and that they can either answer my questions or at least feel support in that, there is someone else how has a seizure kitty.

Pumpernickel is just over one year old. she is a short hair domestic tortoise shell. She eats just about anything sh gets her mouth on, and has probably the worst markings ever, she reminds me of a moldy pumpkin. She had a problem when I first got her, she had a very bad skin rash, and when I took her into the vet they weren't sure what caused it but thought it might be food allergies. the rash had gotten infected so I had to wash her twice a week in an anti-bacterial anti-fungal shampoo that had to stay on her for ten minutes at a time. she hated it! I changed her food, tried to eliminate anything that might be causing her problem, but no matter what cat food I tried (the only kind she wouldn't eat was kitten food) she still had the rash. Finally I discovered she was eating the fish pellets. I locked up the fish food and moved the fish out of her immediate area so she would stop drinking the fish water and low and behold, her skin cleared up!

She had her first Seizure shortly after I had placed ant baits out an sprayed raid on a and colony, so I assumed she had gotten into one or the other and had eaten it and it was a reaction to the poison. the second time again I had sprayed raid, but I had wiped it up before i let the cats get anywhere near, again I assumed it was from a reaction to the chemicals and vowed never to use the stuff again. the third time she had one, we'd been playing and I had put a collar on her... which at this point I should mention she hates collars because when she was first brought home I had put one on it and while I was at work she had gotten it stuck in her mouth when she had tried to get it i thought maybe it was a stress reaction, more a nightmare then an actual seizure. the fourth time it happened i had been working on some mailing and had rubber bands left over, which i would fire across the room and the cats would chase them, these had gotten onto her feet, but i don't know if that was enough to have stressed her out. this latest, her fifth, happened last night during a particularly long and loud thunderstorm. this one was worse then the others, she flipped about in the bed, wrapping her self up in on of the blankets. it looked like she might have been biting the blanket as well. It wasn't until after i got back to bed that I discovered she had peed as well during this, which made this last seizure a Grand Mal rather then a petite. I called my vet, and the suggestion I got was to start keeping a detail diary of what she does and what happens, how often she has seizures, how bad they are, and what happened before she had one.

I worry for her, I wan so much to be able to do something for her but have no idea what to do. If anyone out there reads this and has an Idea how to help I will gladly take any direction I can.

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