Sunday, May 08, 2016

Blind magic

You know one of these days I am going to get one of these books finished. 

No really I mean it.

The problem is that I lack focus. Or drive. Dedication? 

I had this idea though, about a girl who was born blind, but because she could 'see' or maybe sense would be the better word, but see with her minds eye the magical energies she never knew she was blind. Her parents think maybe she doesn't have magic ability because unlike other potentials she doesn't see random magic sparkles... Because she only sees magic.

She struggles as she goes to the assessment of magical potential. At first the assessors think she must be magically inert, as they describe how to open up the inner eye that allows you to shift your perception and see magic. They almost don't have her take the final exam, where you have to navigate a pitch dark room and sort magically charged items inside glass jars according to the strength of the charge. Not only does she navigate through the obstacles placed in the room, which is set up some what like a maze, but she easily sorts the jars, including placing an empty jar at the end. 

Astounded by her ability to sense magic she is interviewed by a master Mage. He pulls energy out of a conduit lay line and demonstrated how to use it to help heal a small wound, she notices the energy transfer is wasteful how ever, and is the cause of leaving a small scar, she traps the escaping energy and refocuses them into the wound, removing the scar completely. The Mage is dumbstruck at her innate ability. He believes that she will one day be the best Mage they have yet seen.

I don't know yet what kind of struggle she will have to go through. She'll need a challenge, something to further drive her story. I have the basic idea of why she is blind and so fully gifted, her mother, not yet knowing she is pregnant helps stop an energy storm, but an accident occurs and the storm energy flows into her mother, stripping her mother of her magical ability, yet fusing with the child growing inside.

Perhaps as her skill grows, the energy gathering around her might as well, making people afraid of her. Afraid that the storms will grow, and destroy their civilization. Hmm. I may have to play with this one a bit.

Meanwhile I am still working to finish book one of my elvritkin chronicles. I am not happy with the conversation between the dragon and the elf. It doesn't feel natural enough.

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